At Valley, when it comes to providing quality aluminium or timber UPVC windows in Lancashire and Burnley, we never take short cuts. Your new windows will be manufactured especially for you and made to measure for your home by skilled craftsman using cutting edge equipment and top quality materials. Our windows are designed to overcome even the most rigorous security tests, with up to date features and fully reinforced systems for added peace of mind.

Bespoke UPVC windows in Manchester, Skipton and Blackburn have never been so popular, and here at Valley we’re catering to demand with our selection of stunning UPVC windows that are available in a variety of styles to blend in beautifully with your home.

Different types of Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows, were the most common house window before the sash window was introduced, and usually contain leaded glass. These casement windows are usually hinged on the side, and would open inwards. The windows were covered by functional, exterior shutters, which opened outward.

The Benefits of Casement Windows

Casement windows are opened with a crank, lever, or cam handle, which is placed around hand height or at the bottom and serves as a window lock. A crank, stay, or friction hinge is necessary when the window opens outward, to hold the window in position despite wind. Come down to out Conservatory, Door and Window showroom

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Horned Sash Window

If you desire traditional style uPVC horned Sash Windows but only have limited budget for the project, take a look at our continuous sculptured sash horn feature. It’s not stuck on or screwed into place: it’s a continuation of the sash frame, which is then put through a milling machine to get the curved finish to improve the look of the windows.

KÖMMERLING Horned Sash Window

Valley Windows is the only Kömmerling fabricator in the country that manufactures this feature. All our products are on show at our Conservatory, Door and Window showroom in Burnley near Manchester in Lancashire, why not come along for a look and see what would suit your home the best?

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Tilt & Turn Windows

Top Swing and Saddle Pivots or Tilt and Turn Windows offer similar features, notably the fact that they open inwards, which is very distinct from traditional casement windows, and have found favour with many architects and clients who have projects for which open out windows are not suitable.

Tilt & Turn Windows – Key Features

  • Two operation windows, first or tilt position offers ventilation, second or turn position offers cleaning and egress
  • Child restrictors and ‘safe’ locking handles provide safety in use features
  • High security locking mechanisms
  • Windows tested to BS7950
  • Windows open inwards into the room
  • Top Swing - Key Features

  • Unique 4 chamber profile system for enhanced thermal performance
  • Unique twin seal system for weather performance
  • Multi position child restrictors
  • Window restricted in reversed position for safety in use and cleaning
  • Window reverses within the axis of its own hinge and does not come into the room
  • Side swing option available
  • Saddle Pivot – Key Features

    Designed to replicate large timber pivots often found in high rise applications Large maximum sizes allow replacement of like with like Multi point ‘perimeter’ gearing enables high security, and maximum compression on weatherseals, providing excellent weather performance Window restricted for child safety Window restricted in reversed position for safety in use and cleaning

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    Double Glazing Windows

    All our glass units or double glazing windows are manufactured using only the finest tuned state of the art machinery to achieve the ultimate in performance levels.Whether its solar gain or reflective qualities you require, our high specification units are certain to allow you to get the best out of all your glazing requirements, whether for your home or even conservatory.

    Double Glazing Windows Standards

    All of Valley’s windows are fitted with a minimum standard of Planitherm glass filled with Argon gas to give that extra protection from the elements in even the most testing of conditions. Valleys A rated windows offer the highest level of thermal retention qualities achievable, to give that additional comfort and energy efficiency for the most discerning of circumstances.With up to a 10 years guarantee certification, Valley’s double glazing windows come with a complete assurance of piece of mind.

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    Vertical Sliding Windows

    Valley’s traditional vertical sliding windows are designed to offer clients the potential to perfectly match the existing timber product in their housing stock. Weights and pulleys are replaced by sophisticated spring and spiral balances, and a unique tilt facility to enable cleaning of sashes safely from the inside.

    UPVC Vertical Sliding Windows – Key Features

  • Traditional front to back profile dimension to match existing box arrangements
  • Sections designed to match traditional aesthetic appeal
  • Deep bottom rail option
  • Upper and lower sashes tilt inwards for ease of cleaning
  • Traditional astragal Georgian bar arrangements
  • Traditional hardware design and functionality
  • Full range of style options and sizes to enable replacement of traditional products
  • Conservation Vertical Sliding Wondows – Key Features

  • Mortice and Tenon’ appearance in key joints
  • Bevelled sashes
  • Period Georgian bar
  • Traditional travel stops
  • Traditional horn detail
  • Traditional hardware design
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    Choose from a varied selection of UPVC Windows...

    Coming in a variety of styles, our excellent selection of UPVC windows in Lancashire offers designs to suit any home, ranging from casement windows, tilt and turn, vertical sliders, horned sash and bay windows.

    Whatever you require from a window, whether you’re looking for plain and practical or elaborate and fancy, you’re sure to find the ideal application for your needs amongst our range. Available in white or wood-grain, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with your new UPVC windows from Valley.

    Alternatively, our heritage natural colours are proving ever more popular and make an excellent choice for those with a more natural, subtle style. Whatever your choice, you’ll be rewarded with the same high quality from Valley – consistency is yet another thing that we pride ourselves on.

    Expert Service, UPVC window installation & design...

    Window installation is carried out by our own professionals who are expertly trained to provide minimal disruption during the process. Their expertise is second to none and each of our employees must gain experience before making installations at customers’ properties. All of our staff are completely professional, allowing you to achieve total piece of mind when it comes to services from Valley.

    As with all of our products, our UPVC windows arrive with a 10 year written guarantee with optional insurance cover.

    Our products are beautiful in proportion, symmetry and style which will complement the character of your home. We offer matching styles across all of our UPVC windows, doors and conservatories so that, should you choose to invest in more than one product from us, the style of your home will flow smooth and uninterrupted across all applications. Whatever the style of your home, be it period or contemporary, town or country, our varied selection of styles means that you’re sure to find the perfect UPVC windows in Lancashire to you. Whichever product you choose, Valley will provide your home with an everlasting impression that you and your guests will truly adore.

    So wherever you live, be it Lancashire, Manchester, Blackburn, Skipton, Burnley or the Ribble Valley, please feel free to contact us for a brochure, design assistance or a no obligation quotation.