Imagine a retreat in your home where you can relax in a luxurious and spacious environment. A place which fills your property with natural light and fresh air; beautiful, bright and breezy. Tailored to your specifications and accommodating your individual living style and design choices, we ensure that your conservatory design will be perfect for you by involving you as much as possible in the design process.

Here at Valley Conservatories, we work with you, getting to know you and the heart of your needs and requirements. Together, we will design a stunning new conservatory or give your existing, ageing edition a new lease of life and make the most of your available space. Our conservatories are designed and constructed to the highest quality by staff members who are dedicated to customer satisfaction and who take pride in their work.

Unfortunately, the longer you spend living in a home, the more the space around you appears to diminish. Whether it’s a psychological thing or it’s simply because the amount of space you have to work with has inevitably decreased because of children constantly getting bigger, accumulating more and more belongings and clutter.

Conservatories are the most effective way to expand your living space and enhance the value of your home. We think that they are so popular because the amount of light and warmth allowed in through the glass gives the room such a relaxing atmosphere. Throughout the seasons, when the sun is shining through, the light and heat transform the room into a haven for reading the paper or a book, listening to music or doing what you enjoy most in peace.

Valley's Conservatory Styles

Gable End Conservatories

Few styles capture the proud architectural heritage of a conservatory quite like the Gable End Conservatory, resistant of the ornate orangeries and classic conservatories of previous years. This type of Gable End Conservatory enjoys imposing front elevations with the windows extending up to the apex of the roof. As a result, it has a real sense of presence and can add a feeling of stately splendour to any home, older properties in particular.

Benefits of a Gable End Conservatory

Adding a Gable End Conservatory comes with a lot of benefits, mainly the ability to utilise an unused space and turn it into a lovely extra room. Many unusable spaces next to a house cannot be used to their full potential however; with a smartly-chosen Gable End Conservatory you have the ability to use this area to its full potential.

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Victorian Conservatories

It is not difficult to understand why Victorian-style Conservatories are one of our very most popular conservatory styles today. Inspired by an era of incredible Gothic architecture, complete with ornate cresting and finials, they are a truly magnificent addition to your home and garden. Our ability to adapt to your needs means that Victorian Conservatories can be readily changed to suit bespoke or combination conservatory designs and fit in whatever space we have available to work with, from a large garden to a small patio area.

The History of Victorian Conservatories

Towards the beginning of the 19th century and throughout the romantic medieval times, Gothic Revival style was developed and a new era of architecture was on the rise. Victorian architecture refers collectively to styles employed predominantly during the 19th century and to the reign of Queen Victoria throughout most of this period (1837-1901).

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Lean To Conservatories

Traditional sun lounge conservatories or Lean To conservatories are often fitted onto dwarf walls. The design is also suited to a fully-glazed design or part-glazed with solid moulded panels to the low level glazing. With modern advances in technology, the rafters used for sun lounge design conservatories can now achieve a projection of 4000mm unsupported.

Uses of a Lean To Conservatory

A Lean To conservatory is ideal for a property with height restrictions such as a low roof or bungalow style. Their basic design makes them so easily adaptable to suit a range of properties from old to modern. A key feature of the Lean To conservatory is its low-lying roof, enabling it to fit easily into awkward spaces, without having to compromise on the overall appearance.

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Georgian | Edwardian Conservatories

The Georgian, otherwise known as Edwardian, Conservatory is typically characterised by its square or rectangular shape. A modern interpretation of a regal age in British architectural history, the Georgian/Edwardian Conservatory is incredibly space efficient, allowing you to enjoy the maximum floor area possible. However, that is not to say that these conservatories are all about function.

Functions of Georgian & Edwardian Conservatories

These conservatories serve a slightly different purpose to a regular one. They have a different look and feel and inherit a widespread use of beautifully subtle design flourishes such as elaborate cresting and detailed mouldings. The Georgian/Edwardian conservatory has a solution for some stylish extra space in your home, a beautiful extension with a refreshing difference. Suitable for almost anything, what the room is used for is completely down to you!

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Combination Conservatories

The range of our combination conservatories is considerably large, but what if you want a style which is entirely unique to you? No problem. We are able to produce completely bespoke conservatories, based on your specifically chosen design requirements. In our time, we have overcome many hurdles so whether it’s a large-span construction or a conservatory which is going to have unusual dimensions due to the nature of the site, we deliver the best quality and standards to our customers time after time.

Picking Combination Conservatories

Choose unmatched design flexibility when creating your new conservatory or building on your existing one to create a conservatory combination which is going to greatly improve to appearance and value of your property. More or less, this conservatory style can offer you any design you can think of, as long as it’s physically possible to execute.

An example could be: Using a bespoke combination of a Lean To conservatory and a Victorian conservatory, you can create a ‘P’ shaped conservatory in order to make the most use of your available space. The shape of this area would potentially allow you to split the conservatory into two usable areas, perhaps utilising one as a relaxation area and the other as a nice dining area. Other examples of bespoke conservatories could be: An ‘L’ or a ‘T’ shaped version.

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Increase space in style with Valley...

For over 20 years, we’ve constructed conservatories for our customers across Lancashire including in Burnley, Blackburn, Preston and Ribble Valley. We are committed to providing an excellent design and installation service, listening intently to customer requirements and designing a conservatory which caters for their needs whilst taking into account finance and space restrictions.

At Valley, we can offer advice and guidance regarding planning permission, which can be necessary for conservatory constructions. Our bespoke range of conservatories makes virtually any design achievable, including the more popular styles of Gable End Conservatories, Victorian, Georgian/Edwardian and Lean To. These can be part brick or fully-glazed depending on the type of application you desire. Our conservatories in Skipton can also integrate contemporary or traditional styles, covering a full range of tastes and designs.

Beautiful conservatories to suit your needs...

We pride ourselves on excellent customer relations and feedback. A very kind and recent letter from a customer praising our work and service is just one testament to our dedication to customer service and satisfaction.

“I am emailing you to say how much we are enjoying the new conservatory. We have hardly used the living room since you finished it.”

The fact that our customers are so happy with our service makes us immensely proud of our work and reinforces our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. For more examples of our past projects please visit our Case Studies page.

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